Discover how we gave a local restaurant the website of their dreams and drove traffic even during a pandemic. Halligans was able to use the website as a main source of business since dine in was not an option!

Halligan's Public House is a local staple of Warwick, New York and not only grew through the webs

What we've done

1. Built a responsive and optimized website.

2. Drove Traffic through proper search engine optimization

3. Transferred Domain

4. Maintain and run website consistently

5. Adjustments on menu and hours

Through SEO and the website we built, Halligans was able to generate over 1,000 unique visitors.
This shows how traffic flows to the website!

We Provide Analytics

These are all crucial analytics that show how much traffic is finding its way to their website and where the traffic is coming from.

The Restaurants customer are more than happy with the brand new website, the conversion rate skyrocketed especially from mobile users browsing local resturaunts in the are because of the usability and simplicity.

Halligan's Asked Us To Help

— Create a brand new website due to an outdated one

— Transfer original domain

— Present and maintain their ever so changing menu throughout the season

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster


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