Discover how we created content and marketed for a top producing real estate agent in the Jersey Shore. Also how we were able to get a low lead cost on an open house and target areas and people looking to sell there house and relocate.

What we've done

1. Content Creation

2. Photography and Videography

3. Facebook Advertisements

4. Landing page redesign & optimization

5. Low Cost Lead Generation

6. Social Media Optimization to produce more transactions and create credibility

Even with a small budget we were able to get lead cost down to $1.30 per lead

How'd We Do it

We were able to target a very specific group with key searches, where we showed them an advertisement with a strong call to action. It is always good to provide a free service or event to spark interest.

This house was able to sell in under a week!

Erik asked to help with

— Social Media optimization and posting schedule to have a long lasting impact on potential clients when they are ready to sell

— Optimize his Keller Williams personal website and landing page

— Create leads through Facebook advertising

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